Hi, I am Vojtech!

I've been developing apps since 2007

About me

I am full-stack freelance developer living in Brno. I love sports, science and beer. You can find me on LinkedIn.

I am currently interested in

In one word: Javascript! In other words: React, RxJS, Node, Express and Firestore as realtime database.

I've been using

Python, PHP7 (Nette framework, Symfony, Doctrine), GraphQL, MySQL, PgSQL, Firebase, RethinkDb, Horizon, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Go, Git and many others I've used just few times. I also manage my dedicated server with tools like Docker, Drone, InfluxDb, cAdvisor and Grafana for container monitoring.

Let me know, if you ...

Contact me

Feel free to contact me via e-mail vojtech.studenka@gmail.com.